Pet Licenses (Dog & Cat)
All City of Brillion residents owning a cat or dog that is older than 5 months is required by City Ordinance to purchase a license.

Costs of licenses:
  • Un-neutered/un-spayed cat: $8.00
  • Neutered/spayed cat: $3.00
  • Un-neutered/un-spayed dog: $8.00
  • Neutered/spayed dog: $3.00
Late fee assessed after April 1, of $5.00 per pet (plus fee listed above)

To properly license your animal please brings an UP-TO-DATE rabies certificate from your animal’s veterinarian to City Hall, along with information on the breed and color of the animal. One of the administrative employees will register your animal and give you the proper license.

Kennel Permits 
Private Kennel License is required for more than (2) dogs or (3) cats per single premise.  Click here for City Ordinance.

Bicycle Licenses
All bicycles or any similar wheeled vehicle customarily kept within the City must be registered by the owner and properly licensed. Applications for registration can be obtained at the City Police Department, and require a one-time fee of $3.00.

Operator's Licenses
All businesses/organizations/individuals serving or selling alcoholic beverages need to apply and receive an operator’s license. For more information, click here for the City ordinance or contact City Clerk, Patricia Schreiber.  See below for the application. 

Operator's License Application