The City Zoning Code is divided in to 14 districts as follows:
A-1 agricultural district
R-1 single-family residential district
R-MH residential mobile home district
R-2 two-family residential district
R-3 multi family residential district
C-1 downtown commercial district
C-2 highway commercial district
I-1 light industrial district
I-2 heavy industrial district
ID institutional district
PD park district
CD conservancy district
PUD planned unit development district
S-W shoreland-wetland district

Boundaries of these districts are established as shown on the City Zoning Map
Click for City Zoning Map

Definitions for each zoning district can be obtained in Chapter 106, Zoning of the City of Brillion Municipal Code.  Please refer to the Municipal Code Quick Links on the Home page.

For zoning questions please contact Zoning Administrator at 920-756-2250 or email.