About the Brillion Fire Department

The Brillion Fire Department (BFD) was founded on January 16, 1882 to protect the settlement of Spring Creek from Fire (Later renamed to Brillion).

Today, we are an independent volunteer*-based department that provides contract service to the Town of Maple Grove and the City (and town) of Brillion.  We also provide mutual aide to our neighboring departments.

*Our volunteers consist of Builders, Financial Analysts, Mechanics, Financial Advisors, Electricians, etc.

What We Do

We provide the following services to the Town of Maple Grove and the City of Brillon:

Fire Prevention - Annual Inspections are done via members of the Department to local businesses, churches, and schools.

Fire Suppression & Vehicle Extrication - 24/7 fire and vehicle protection is provided to the Town of Maple Grove and City of Brillion

Ice Water Rescue - The department has 4 waterproof wetsuits to be utilized in an ice water rescue situation.  The department also has members on the Calumet County Dive Team.

Call Volume

The department responds to an average of 50 calls per year.  Some examples of calls are as follows:
  • Building Fires
  • Brush Fires
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Vehicle Extrications/Auto Accidents
  • Mutual Aide to Neighboring Departments


From the City of Brillion Emergency Management Director
May 15, 2020

Download "Press Release 5142020 (003).pdf"